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February 11, 2010

The world never sleeps.


a new dawn a new age a new life

February 10, 2010

hello this is carl again how is everyone. good awsome. lady’s amd gentleman i would now like to speak about this age and era. some people

with disabiltys are not treated fairly. but i belive the now is now. to change

that. i realize its hard to be disabled. but i also now how its hard to except

a new thing. and come to understanding about it. for a example i would be

asked where do you live. i could lie and say wel i live by myself in a house

just me and my dog rex. you know we are as happy as can be. but to

be honest with you i dont have a dog named rex and i dont live by my self

i live with 8 other people. you see there is no reason to hide your disabilty.

except it. know god loves you. and wants to teach you to walk in

his light walk in his way. remember the road may be long but

when you get to the end. it will have much gold. please call my conference

line at Free Conference Play Back
 Playback Number: (605) 475-4899
 Access Code: 559187#

call this number hope to hear from you guys soon -carl

Hello and welcome

February 10, 2010

Hello my name is carl whitmore. many also know me as carl reneman i am

male 23 and causian. i would like to tell you i am disabled. am i ashame of

that no. you cant be do i feel like I am a leader yes. i belive I have

been leading people for a long time. my friends people with disabiltys are

the number one reason whats pursued me to be a speaker. i belive we

all have rights. and it upsets me that people are not being treated right.

my friends i am going to be posting 12 blogs over 2 months. the first 6 will

be about who i am what i belive and my advice to help you reach your dreams. the other will be about my people. how can we help them be their

friend and become more christlike to them. ladys and gentleman. please feel

free free to contact me on this post. as well as i will be haveing confrences and have a line where you can listen to me and my speeches. i do ask for a

donation however to help me. 25% of that will be going to help people

with disabiltys as a nation. and i will be giveing that to your charity of choice. as well i will be giveing 15% to the victims of haties. please pay in

cash or write a check and send it out to 806 138th street south tacona wa 98444. i do charge 50 to a hundred and 150 dollars for my speeches. if you are intrested

in me speaking please call me 435-327-1602 or email me to hear my recordings which are free. but i do again ask for a donation but it is free if you decide not to is 1-128-862-6400  acess code 662-0980 thanks talk soon- carl

Hello world!

February 9, 2010

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